Closed Beta Update 1


Today we look at the major changes we have made this week. Before we get to that, we are excited to announce that the DUOs servers will remain online 24 hours a day for the whole weekend.

DUOs servers will open at 8AM PST/ 4PM UTC on Friday, and close at 8AM PST/ 4PM UTC the following Monday!

Next onto the changes and bug fixes we have made to the game for this weekend’s test. Our focus this week has been improving server performance and resolving crashes.
Client performance will be worked on next, but this takes time, so please bear with us.


You may experience camera shake while in spectator mode 
Your client may freeze/lock when entering a game, or when returning to the lobby. Restart your game to fix this issue



• Added DUOs game-mode. For this weekend, only DUOs will be available 
• Add ability to spectate your teammate when you die 
• Increased damage from unarmed melee attacks 
• Modified parachute system to give more control

Performance & Stability

• Resolved a number of crash issues 
• Improved server performance. This should reduce the lag seen at the start of matches


• Added BATTLEGROUNDS POINTS (BP) reward system 
• The Pioneer Crate can now be acquired using BP 
• The BP required to buy crates with will increase with each crate you buy 
• Added ability to trade unwanted skin items for BP 
• Added character customization options


• The fences around the military base on the southern island will now be easier to destroy with vehicles


• Added key-binding to hide in-game HUD (Ctrl + U) 
• When acquiring enemy loot, attachments will now appear in the items list 
• Added warning for duplicate key binds. This issue caused key-bindings not to be saved during the first week of testing


• Added 2 new weapon attachments. (Bullet Loops for Kar98k, Angled Foregrip)


• Resolved an issue with weapon sounds resulting in the inability to locate gunshot origin



• Fixed collision for certain tunnels, buildings and trees 
• Fixed issues with indoor lighting and shadow effects 
• Fixed an issue where character would get trapped in certain areas

Gameplay & UI/UX

• Fixed an issue causing map zoom in/out to lag at certain timesFixed inability to use items with hot keys while in driver's seat 
• Partially resolved the inability to pick up items off floors 
• Fixed kill message issues to do with remaining players 
• Fixed an issue causing certain attachments to not be attached from vicinity 
• Fixed an issue with map markers not displaying correctly 
• Fixed an issue of parachute getting stuck in certain situations

Action & Gunplay

• Fixed the issue of being able to fire while reload animation is still playing for M249 
• Fixed issue of magazines disappearing when switching weapons 
• Fixed the issue of grenades not being able to damage multiple players 
• Fixed an issue causing the shotgun reload animation to be played constantly 
• Fixed an issue with throwable items not dropping when switching to another item 
• Fixed an issue causing the character to remain in the throwing motion after the action has been completed

See you in-game,





CBT - Patch Notes 24/02/17


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