Closed Beta Test Update


Today on the dev blog I want to run through a more detailed overview of what we have planned during the Closed Beta Test (CBT). Before we get to that I want to first talk about performance. 

In the last 2 months we have added a lot of new systems to the game and continued to improve the quality of the map. As a result, you may experience a downgrading of the performance you had during the previous alpha test. One reason for this is that we have added over 10,000 new objects to the map. These include both world and lighting objects. While the addition of Level Streaming, Imposter Foliage and Shader Tuning helps offset the cost of these additions, we will be working hard over the coming months to further improve performance. 

The performance you experience during the beta test does not represent the expected performance of the game at launch! 

Improving performance is our top priority during the CBT, and over the four weeks of the test you should see marked improvements to how the game runs with each successive weekend of the test.  

CBT Schedule 

Next, I want to run through how we will structure the testing. We have a lot to test over the four weekends, so we will be running different versions of the Battle Royale game-mode over the course of the CBT. 

This schedule is subject to change, depending on the amount of the players we have during the CBT. 

For the first weekend we will be running SOLO games only, and 10% of games will have the Rainy Weather setting. 
Our second weekend will be DUOs only and will have the same amount of Rainy Weather as the SOLO weekend. 
The third weekend will be a mix of DUOs & SOLO games and again feature the weather effects. 
We will announce our plans for the final weekend at a later date. 
The schedule below is a guideline for when to expect the servers to be open. I say guideline as the length of time the servers will stay open may increase depending on the amount of players in-game. 

Access to the CBT 
A lot of you were asking where to get keys for the coming CBT, so I want to briefly cover where you get them. 

Beta key giveaways for non-content creators 
Game media sites and gaming communities will be running key giveaways right before beta. We are already working with some organizations on this. 
Content creators will be handing out few keys, especially those who have been testing our game since our pre-alpha and alpha tests. 
A key will be sent to all forum members who joined during our last alpha. 
There will be key giveaways on our official Twitter and Facebook pages. 

Content creator’s sign-up 
All streamers and YouTube content creators can apply for a key using this form: 
Those who sign up by EOD Wednesday Feb 15th should look for an email in their inbox three days before the the beta begins on February 24. Everyone who signed up will get a key. Please make sure to check your spam folders if you haven’t received a key. 

Extra keys for giveaways 
Those who signed up will be informed about any extra keys in the beta invitation email. Unfortunately, we will be unable to give additional keys to everyone that signs up, but will get as many out there as possible. Alpha testers who have supported us since last year will have higher-priority.   

CBT Changes 
We will have a more detailed change-log closer to the start of the CBT, but I want to quickly run through most of the major changes you will see in the next build. 

Replaced all foliage with new assets
Added new buildings - including a school and hospital
Added new areas - including a shooting range, power plant, abandoned castle, swamp and bunker
Updated towns and villages
Updated interior of houses and other buildings
Improved the lighting
Added environmental sound effects


  • Added a new gunplay system (WIP)
  • Added a new animation system. These new animations are still in an early stage, and will continue to be improved over the coming months (WIP)


  • Added the ability to spectate your teammate after you die in teamplay games
  • Updated REVIVE system allowing you to crawl when knocked out
  • Added destruction for doors and some fences

User Interface (UI)

  • Added a new lobby and in-game UI (WIP)
  • Improved usability of UI


  • Graphics, sound, keybinds, and mouse sensitivity can now be customized in the settings menu

We’re really looking forward to the CBT and all your feedback! 
See you in-game, 






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