This week Jordi Rovira from Anticto talks with us about Mutable, the character customization middleware we are using in the game.


Hi all,

This post will talk about the character customization system in BATTLEGROUNDS. Characters are always a key element of any online game and also one of the most challenging systems for the artists and developers. These are some the requirements we had when designing the system for BATTLEGROUNDS:

  • Character quality must by high;
  • Character variation must be high. Part of it happens in the player screen, and part of it happens in game, when the player equips items;
  • Characters have to render very efficiently because the game frame-rate must always be high;
  • Characters have to use as little resources as possible, because we want many of them;
  • The system must be able to grow with the game after release.

To implement the system in Unreal Engine we used Mutable, a middleware for character customization that we have developed at Anticto during the past few years using our experience in other online games. The middleware has been used in some small games, but nothing as challenging as BATTLEGROUNDS so we had work ahead!

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