Alpha Test Update


This week on the dev blog, we want to give you a look at the change-log and known issue list from the current build of the game. First though, a preview of gameplay from our current alpha build.


That is the build that will be streamed live on Twitch this weekend. Please, do remember that this is our first real alpha build of the game, and there will be a few more of these before we head to the closed beta stage of development towards the end of the year.

We also want to take this opportunity to address the concerns you all had with the character movement and animations seen in the footage above. We have a new lead animator joining the team next month who will rewrite the system from the ground up and add motion captured (mocap) movements for all animations. His previous work includes the character animations for Arma 3, so we feel that you all will be very happy with the character movements once he completes his work.

See you in-game,



Alpha Patch Notes 


  • Character lobby added. Before match starts, you can now customise the look of your character & select which clothing items you want to wear


  • Added paradrop starting mechanism
  • Added temporary plane model
  • Added Red Zone system
  • Added Care Package system
  • Added 2/5 player team play modes
  • Reduced the level of protection for armor vest and helmet
  • Reduced casting times for first aid and med kit


  • Improved quality of modelling and textures for AKM & S12K(edited)
  • Added frag grenade
  • Added flashbang
  • Added smoke grenade
  • Added padded jackets
  • Added additional attachments
    • Foregrip (Reduced recoil)
    • Shotgun choke (Reduced spread)
    • Compensator (Reduced recoil)
    • Flash hider (Reduced visibility)
    • Advanced stocks & stock attachments
      • Bullet loops for sniper rifles/shotguns (faster reload speed)
      • Composite stocks for ARs (reduced recoil)
      • Cheek pad for sniper rifles (reduced recoil)
      • Folding stock for Micro UZI (reduced recoil)
    • Extended magazine (increased capacity)
    • Quickdraw magazine (faster reload speed)
    • Extended quickdraw magazine (faster reload speed + increased capacity)


  • Dimensions and layouts of residential buildings were revised to appear more realistic
  • Windows now have destructible glass
  • Updated building textures
  • Updated composition of 3 inland towns
  • Added police station, gas station and church to the world


  • Added pick-up animation
  • Added acceleration/deceleration to movement to make motions look more natural
  • Added blending motion between crouch/prone and moving to make actions look more natural
  • Modified jumping to prevent bunny hopping
  • Increased fall damage
  • Increased damage from exiting a moving vehicle
  • Increased damage when your character crashes a vehicle


  • Name of weapons, bullets and gun type will be displayed
  • When shot, you will see a blood effect on screen
  • Improved the character location icon on the map
  • When zooming in and out, the map keeps the character position in the center
  • Removed text chat box during matches

Gunplay Tuning

  • Added unique recoil pattern for each weapon
  • Adjusted hip-fire accuracy that was unexpectedly high
  • Improved sensation of shooting with pistols and revolvers
  • Improved the aim bounce and camera twitch issues in scoping
  • Improved the crosshair alignment issue with scope zoom-in/zoom-out


  • Character sound improvements
    • Improved movement sounds
    • Run, Walk, Sprint, Crouch
    • Jumping and landing
  • Attenuation and 3D sounds
    • Implemented attenuation and directional sound for weapons, vehicles & characters 

Alpha Known Issues


  • There are unfinished parts of the map but they do not affect gameplay
  • The ocean cannot be entered in at the moment, and you’ll need to go around the blocked areas. This is to be addressed when the ocean is fully implemented and ready


  • When you set nicknames in the character lobby, the top menu will require few clicks to work
  • The lobby UI may require more than one mouse click to be responsive


  • In prone state, if you use Q or E key to roll sideways, there’s a glitch where your character will stand up and down repeatedly
  • In aim mode, if you move, muzzle will twitch a little
  • When you go very close to some buildings or vehicles, sometimes your character will be pushed away
  • If you crawl on stairs, you will rapidly slide over the stairs
  • Doors may go through the characters’ bodies when closing and opening causing your view to get pushed back and resulting in visible eyeballs and jaw
  • In scope mode, mouse movement will twitch a little
  • You may get a bouncy aim when in scope mode
  • When aiming from the back seat, the aim axis is off
  • When aiming target in great distance with the scope, the right aim axis shifts slightly
  • In switching from scope mode to general mode, the view switchover is not smooth


  • You can drive up very steep inclines at the moment. This is not intentional and will be addressed in the next build
  • When you switch to FPS in a vehicle or airplane, it may look like your character’s head is missing


  • There is some buffering when you switch between aim/scope and regular mode
  • The care-package plane may drop more than 1 crate at a time
  • The drop-down menu in the graphic options may disappear time to time, please re-start the game when it happens
  • Small amounts of lag may occur throughout the game
  • Low FPS may occur in heavy vegetation
  • When ALT-tabbing, you may get stuck in free look mode when you come back into the game. Press ALT once to restore character movement